how to work out the cost of concrete using cubic metres

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Guestimates could potentially cost you a lot of money . ... Call your concrete or landscape supplier and give them your square meter (m2) measurements and they will work out exactly how many cubic meters (m3) you need for your projects. One Comment. tej March 19th, 2014 . hi mate it …

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Calculate for quantity of items to fill for a total project need of cement in cubic feet and cubic yards. Yardage of concrete. Calculate concrete volume and cost of concrete slabs, footers, walls, columns, steps, curbs and gutters in cubic feet, cubic yards and cubic meters.

how to work out the cost of concrete using cubic metres

how to work out the cost of concrete using cubic metres. how to work out the cost of concrete using cubic metres Concrete Block Calculator - Find the Number of Blocks,, and cost The average concrete, and the concrete block calculator will figure out, divide cubic inches by 46,656 to …

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Concrete is a material comprised of a number of coarse aggregates (particulate materials such as sand, gravel, crushed stone, and slag) bonded with cement. Cement is a substance that is used to bind materials, such as aggregate, by adhering to said materials, then hardening over time. While there ...

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Use our concrete calculator to determine the amount of concrete need to pour your concrete slab. Enter the width and length of your slab in metres. Then enter the thickness of your slab in millimetres.

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Multiply the three measurements. The answer is given in cubic meters. For example, if the height of your object was 12 meters, the length was 6 meters and the width was 2 meters, you would multiply 12 times 6 times 2 to get 144 cubic meters.

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CBM Calculator in Cubic Meters. Cubic meter calculator allows you to calculate CBM in cubic meter. By using this page cubic meter calculator user can check cbm calculation for multiple products.


Assuming the slab is 100mm (4 inches) thick, multiply your sq. metres by .1 to work out the cubic metres of concrete required 72 sq. metres x .1 = 7.2 cubic metres of concrete Then to be safe add 10% for an uneven sub base, spillage and other variables

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To calculate cubic meters of a surface of 10 square meters (5 meters by 2 meters, with a height of 5 meters. The work volume will be equal to the following: The work volume will be equal to the following:

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Estimating the cost of new concrete involves much more than the price of concrete per yard (or meter).There are many variables to consider, such as surface prep, formwork, reinforcing materials, and finish work, plus the cost of the ready-mix concrete, that will add up to the total price of the job.

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If you enter your first two measurements, (for example, 5 metres x 3 metres) and your depth is 6 inches or 150mm, you would enter this as 5m x 4m x 0.150 = 2.3 cubic metres. If you have any questions regarding your concrete mix requirements, please call our …

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The new way is to use one of those widgets you find online that converts Imperial to Metric; in this case cubic feet to cubic meters. Well, luckily we kept our precise measurement of 9.67115162 cubic feet, which, hey presto, we find equals 0.2738565m3, or more sensibly, 0.274 cubic meters.

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Convert Linear Metres to Cubic Metres for Given Board Depth and Thickness + Log Volume Calculator ... m Depth mm Thickness mm Cost $/m $ Cubic metres to Linear metres: Cubic metres m³ Depth mm ... If you're cutting concrete, stone or ANYTHING and there's DUST - DON'T TAKE THE RISK

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How to Calculate Cement, Sand and Aggregate required for 1 cubic meter of Concrete? Home Construction Tips / 26 Comments The proportions of cement, sand, coarse aggregate and water plays an important role in determining the fresh and hardended properties of concrete.