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Offshore Drilling Offshore Rig Design and Operation ...

From our first offshore operation in the Cook Inlet of Alaska in the 1970’s to global operations in locations such as platforms in Sakhalin Island, Russia, and Canada, and barges in the Gulf of Mexico we have the capability to design and operate offshore and barge drilling rigs in both routine and harsh weather environments.

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Drilling from floating offshore rigs The techniques for drilling offshore wells from floating rigs are basically the same as those used for onshore wells. In general, the factors involved in drilling wells from floating rigs are due to the following:

What is onshore drilling versus offshore drilling?

Offshore drilling rigs are classified differently, mainly based on their movability and how deep the sea bed is. There are two types of offshore drilling rigs. Bottom-supported units are rigs that have contact with the seafloor. There are submersible bottom-supported units and also jack up units that are supported by structured columns.

Drilling SMST

Drilling SMST offers a wide variety of drilling equipment and is dedicated to exploring and putting into practice new solutions to improve drilling operations. Our projects are typically complex and innovative, requiring solution-oriented thinking, technical excellence and partnerships with our clients.

Automated Drilling Equipment Nabors

Canrig product lines include automated drilling equipment and rig components for onshore and offshore drilling rigs. Downhole Tools Nabors is a leading provider of downhole tools, measurement-while-drilling (MWD) systems and automated survey services for unconventional markets.

iRig® Drilling Systems Nabors

Nabors iRig ® drilling systems feature a man-less rig floor, fully-automated drill pipe handling and casing running systems, a closed-loop system, as well as automatic control of downhole directional drilling.. While expensive deepwater rigs have similar features, there are many challenges to designing such a system for land rigs. A land system must be compact, readily portable, relatively ...

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Jack-ups: The most commonly employed type of offshore drilling rig. Jack-ups have a barge section that floats on the water (and holds the drilling equipment) and multiple legs (typically three, but sometimes more) that extend down to the sea floor.

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DrillVision Systems are built to last in the harshest of environments for Onshore and Offshore Drilling Rig, Production Facility and Pipeline Video Systems.

Top 18 Offshore Drilling Companies in the World 2018 Oil ...

Schlumberger is currently topping the list of the world’s top offshore drilling companies. It is the biggest offshore drilling contractor (in terms of revenue) not just in the US but across the world has a history of science and technology innovation, backed by strategic mergers and acquisitions.

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Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc. is a leader in offshore drilling, providing contract drilling services to the energy industry around the globe with a total fleet of 17 offshore drilling rigs, consisting of 13 semisubmersibles and four dynamically positioned drillships.

Borr Drilling sees strong case for jack-up market recovery ...

Nov 21, 2018· The number of land-based and offshore drilling rigs operating in Saudi Arabia is currently 153, which is 14 rigs more than before oil prices collapsed in 2014. Saudi production has in the same period increased by 1 mbd to 10.7m, Borr said.

Types of Oil Drilling Rigs Sciencing

Oil drilling rigs can be either offshore for drilling into the ocean floor or land-based. Although both locations bring large amounts of oil to the petroleum market, the offshore drilling rigs have been more in the public eye since the 2010 oil spill off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico.

Offshore Drilling Rigs Market Size, 2018 Industry ...

Global Offshore Drilling Rigs Market is segmented based on type, application, and region. Offshore drilling is a mechanical process of drilling below the seabed for the extraction of oil and gas resources from the bottom of the sea, lakes.

Offshore Drilling Rigs Market to expand at a CAGR of 3.5% ...

Offshore Drilling Rigs Market is likely to expand at a CAGR of 3.5% for the forecast period between 2017 and 2022; the market for Offshore Drilling Rigs will attain a valuation of US$41,922.8 mn by the end of 2022 from its evaluated worth of US$35,336.2 mn in 2017.

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